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Mondegreens EP

Everything else suddenly ceases to register. Honeycomb guitar peaks dawn on the horizon, whipped sharply into screaming focus under deluge after deluge of driven bass and syncopated, feral drums. Every moment in every song building, building until finally delivered in a glorious maelstrom before serving you up, saturated, to a forgiving shoreline, woken by gentle melody lapping at your face.
To say Ctrlaltdelete are destined for great things seems redundant. The ‘Mondegreens’ EP passed somewhat under the radar, but it contained rough diamonds that should have graced any self-respecting music puublication.
Formed under the dawn of the new millennium, Ctrlaltdelete operate around the nucleus of Ben Maxwell and Laura Harrison. Though the Carlisle-based trio found themselves struggling through two previous drummers, founding member Chris Hewitt and, for the devotional ‘Mondegreens’ sessions, Simon Papaleo, the band have settled…
Scandinavian sticksman Robert Holmkvist to solidify them for the future, as they move towards the recording and release of their debut full length album. A future that has already found them making big waves in early 2006 picking up rave press and a kkkk review in Kerrang.
Ctrlaltdelete operate in that most unremitting of arenas, that of the instrumental band. Wringing emotive landscapes from their triumvirate limbs they can take you from morphine laced ethereal melody to fist to the face clarity in a heartbeat.
Songs such as ‘Patter, Chance And Menace’ and ‘Each Of These Innocents On The Streets Is Engulfed By A Terror Of Their Own Ordinariness’, both from the aforementioned EP, leapt forward from the debut ‘Epone’ cauterising the loose fibres and forging a cohesive whole that injects a collective pulse to every song.
The overriding factor in Ctrlaltdelete’s music is the passion that infects every moment, every note seems wrung from their instruments
as if their very lives depended on it. Taking experimental pointers from Sonic Youth through Scratch Acid and underpinning it with punk heart ballistics and timeless structure, they escape their surroundings and sidestep the consuming banality and self-inflicted melancholy of many similar bands.
In a genre where artists are easily sidelined to become outcast musical pariahs, Ctrlaltdelete make music to stand shoulder to shoulder with heavyweights such as Mogwai and Sigur Rós, truly earning a peerage amongst such names.
Signed to Motivesounds, whose ever-impressive roster keep churning out exquisite records, Ctrlaltdelete are making all the right noises with 2006’s debut full-length, this is the time to get on board with one of Britain’s most innovative, intense and exciting bands as they embark on an ascendance that with any justice will find them at the zenith of modern music. Quite simply, they are stunning.


Written by Jonathan

June 29, 2008 at 1:40 am

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