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La Route Du Rock, St Malo, France

Man that was exciting, I feared for my life – flashed right in front of my eyes,” pants Tunde Adebimpe, recalling his purpose post stage invasion. “Gotta meet more people, gotta see more places.” And with that he ignites afresh across the still St Malo night, Adebimpe a kinetic, shapeshifting shaman dropping molten verse atop TV On The Radio’s pre-apocalyptic affirmation broadcasts.

Eons earlier they shivered onto stage, muffled and reticent as shadows, weary yet raging from pursuing instruments across French airports. With Return To Cookie Mountain inviting frenzied acclaim from all quarters they conj our question upon question when sparking into action. How many have you flocked to see, how many proclamations have rung hollow around the deluded grandeur of each band shrouded in the last vestiges of the Emporers’ new clothes? Yet through the beatbox overtures and headstock chimes, over liberation and despair, as David Sitek scores razors along hearts and fretboard fault lines it is clear that for all false dawns recompense has arrived.


Written by Jonathan

June 29, 2008 at 2:55 am

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