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Tilly And The Wall – Derek Pressnall interview

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This article originally appears on Gigwise

Tilly and The Wall are members of that unique musical breeding ground Omaha Nebraska that spearheaded by the patriarchal Conor Oberst has produced some of the most engaging and raw music to come out of America in the last decade. The first signings to Obersts Team Love label Tilly and The Wall have spent their last two albums building up a folk dance legacy that has seen thousands of ecstatic kids screaming ‘I Want to fuck it up’ across the globe whilst getting down to the tap dance groove. Returning with new album ‘O’, following on from the one off single ‘Beat Control’ Tilly and The Wall are bringing their most complete work to the world  ‘Team Love are so artist friendly, they really understand what we’re doing as artists, they really believe in what we’re doing as artists and that’s the great thing for us. No matter what, they are there for us to try and make any idea we have, anything we want to do they try and make it happen for us, so it’s perfect and it feels like family…and it is family.’

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Nelson – Le Nouvelle Vague

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This article originally appeared on Subba Cultcha.

Nelson stumble out of the east London Café with the air of chic Parisian cool you might expect, a collection of sharp fashions, sharper cheekbones and unkempt hair. A collection of 20 something music producers, Nelson came together in order to combat the dearth of intelligent French indie in the wake of the US/UK invasion circa the Strokes et al by fusing the deathly hallow cool of Joy Division to the electro pulses and dance beats more often associated by French dance giants Daft Punk or Cassius. Not content with simply operating as a band they launched a club night to offer young Paris somewhere to get down to a cross of alternative godheads Sonic Youth and the cowbell toting antics of The Rapture…naturally, just as everybody who saw the first Sex Pistols gig (yes including that ginger wanker Hucknal) is rumoured to have done, those who attended went away to form their own bands who were produced by and shared bills with Nelson, setting them up as the fathers of an entire new ‘Nouvelle Vague’ movement in French music.

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Fight Like Apes

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This article originally appears on Subba Cultcha.

Sequestered to the rafters of the Kentish Town Forum, the Ting Tings soundcheck reverberating down the narrow corridors, a door is suddenly sprung open to reveal Pockets and Maykay of Irish great new hopes Fight Like Apes squeezed onto a couch designed to let you know if your neighbour showered this morning. 2008 has been an astronomical year for the Dubliners that has seen them take their pop-culture obsessed dirty synthpop and rise from nowhere to SXSW buzz band status, Glastonbury performances and BBC play list staples.

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Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman – Transcript

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Tom Morello interview about his new album ‘The Fabled City’ under The Nightwatchman banner. The full article from this interview will appear on Subba Cultcha.


Hi Tom, thank you very much for doing this.

No problem

How’s your day been so far?

Oh not so bad…just a long day of doing press really. (Laughs) So if you can ask me some new questions maybe?

New questions huh? Well I will do my best.

No, I’m only joking I am at your disposal.

Cool, well thank you. I wanted to ask you about the politics of the record but I wanted to cover the music first. With this record you have changed your name officially to ‘Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman’, what was the motivation for that why the need for that distinction?

Well initially…initially when I was playing in these small coffeehouses through the ‘One Man Revolution’ tour er, it was very important for me to have a clear separation between my acoustic singer/song writing and my work as an electric guitar player. Um, on this record I feel much more comfortable bridging that gap and it’s reflected in the music, and it will be reflected  the live show on this tour. Brendan O’Brien produced on this record, and, you know musically it’s a lot more expansive, it includes a lot more instrumentation and the arrangements of the songs are fleshed out, and on the upcoming tour it’s going to be half acoustic and half electric.

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Of Montreal

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This article originally appears on Gigwise. Full transcript to follow.

Stepping into the brisk autumnal wind that whips across Regents Park the sound of hand claps, harmonies and acoustic guitars races towards you. Upon closer inspection the scene reveals quixotic indie visionaries Of Montreal, Kevin Barnes merry ensemble completed by Bryan Poole, Dottie Alexander, Jamey Huggins, Davey Pierce and Ahmed Gallab, giving an impromptu performance for some assembled cameras. It’s an indie postcard scene with the band clearly having a lot of fun being in each others company on their press junket for latest LP ‘ Skeletal Lamping’.  Later, over a cup of green tea, band founder and front man Barnes discusses the genesis of this latest album alongside the bands attempted resuscitation of the live music spectacle, love of the Prince legacy and the shadows of prescription medication and THAT advert.

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The Nightwatchman Tom Morello rides again

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Currently stuck in Bristol assembling endless piles of Ikea furniture for my mother. BT being the champions they are she won’t have broadband until Tuesday… anyway. Excitement abounds this week as I will be chatting to The Nightwatchman and Rage Against The Machine sound guru himself Mr Tom Morello. This is daunting and exillerating as Tom music has been a constant force in my life since first hearing rage way back when. I can ever forgive him the 2 albums by Audioslave noones heard of because of how good The Nightwatchman is. Tom will be discussing new album ‘The Fabled City’ and maybe even a little Rage and election action.

Friday was a busy day including interviews with French miscrients Nelson and then later in the afternoon catching up with The View. Thanks to Alex and Tash at Scruffy Bird for their help with that. Tomorrow it’s lunchtime in the park with Of Montreal, which I am really looking forward too. So plenty to come this week, thanks for reading.

Written by Jonathan

October 12, 2008 at 4:36 pm

The week ahead – Ben Folds and The View from Tom Jones’ dressing room

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So in another 16 minutes I will be another numerical measurement older and there will be the usual due consideration and celebratory drinks imbibed. Yet these are far from happy times, fortunately i have a plethora of goodness coming up to keep me distracted and with sweet melodies in my ears.

Over the next week or so there will be exciting interviews with the likes of veteran ivory tinkler Ben Folds, a conversation with Scottish noiseniks The View, a pre Ting Tings support slot interrogation with Fight Like Apes, a little laisse faire with french scenesters Nelson and a good old chin wag with Of Montreal.

There will also be record reviews for Rose Kemp, o’death, Windy & Carl and Steve Gullicks fantastic Tenebrous Lair. Incidentally Steve’s been playing guitar for Soulsavers who frankly had the best record I heard last year!

On top of all this though is the clearly surreal possibility of a chat with Welsh lothario Tom Jones… apparently back with a new seriousness. All knickers to be thrown should be forwarded to…….


Written by Jonathan

October 8, 2008 at 10:55 pm