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Dananananaykroyd – Black Wax single 18/04/09

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So the world and his wife is in SXSW, including my new housemate so naturally I am seething with Austin based jealousy. No matter, there’s actually some pretty decent stuff coming up in good ole blighty to look forward too in the upcoming months. Not least of which is a full tour and album by Glaswegian sensations Dananananaykroyd.

Despite the fact the chancers are also at SXSW indulging no doubt in BBQ overdosing and late nights they are sneakily releasing their new single ‘Black Wax’ over here and it’s a veritable corker…

You can read what I thought about it in Spoonfed’s weekly singles round up here.



Written by Jonathan

March 18, 2009 at 4:57 pm

Patrick Wolf @ Club NME, Koko

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Photo Credit: adelaide_v Blog

The inside of Koko on Club NME night resembles a Bacchanalian soiree in full effect, bodies sway and writhe, mass cheers going up as their favourite tunes get dropped by the DJs hidden behind a giant screen. The city is burning, these are the last days of the decadence and the assembled have no interested in quelling the flames…they are here to burn, burn, burn.
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Written by Jonathan

March 17, 2009 at 12:14 am

Esser @ Notion Magazine party, Hoxton Hall

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So another week another weekend looming into view, and this one it has to be said seems highly promising. For on friday the 13th, whilst the majority of the nation scrambles to defy the mysteries of the credit crunch by driving Red Nose Day (insert number here) to record donations Notion Magazine have chosen to have a new issue launch party at Hoxton Hall. Not only this but they have decided to grace us with Esser and a free bar to sweeten the deal. It has to be said that the deal needs some sweetening after a bit of unsightlyness over charging people £1.50 to get the ‘secret location’ texted to their mobiles so that they may attended this glorious event..and then having it posted on a facebook group the day before the big reveal. But no matter…so the the events at hand.
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CocknBullKid @ ICA w/th Sparklemotion Dancers, Your Twenties, Plugs

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Sparklemotion Dancers, Your Twenties, Plugs


with DJ support from: New Young Pony Club, Florence and The Machine, Frank Music.
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Josh Weller – new song teasers off Push Ep

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The extremely talented Josh Weller has put up some new songs on his MySpace, including a snippet of the title song from his forthcoming EP ‘Push’, which is due for a May 4th release. There’s a May 6th release party at Bardens Boudoir…so get ye to your diaries.


Josh is one of the most innovative and genuinely exciting voices working in London today. If you haven’t already wrapped your cochlea’s around his songs you need to get to sorting that right now!

You can here the new songs here!

Also check out a few words Josh kindly shared with me for Who’s Jack Magazine last month here…


Written by Jonathan

March 11, 2009 at 2:45 pm

Planet Brain updates

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Here’s a copy of the latest newsletter from one of my favourite bands on the planet… Planet Brain. Whom I thought I should share with you. Review of their new EP up soon.
You can read a previous Planet Brain interview here:
Enjoy, discover, love.

Hi all! Thanks to everyone of you for joining us on Facebook! You (we) are already 300! This is a short newsletter, to give you some links:

– “Function Records” will release next month a SPLIT ALBUM with Planet Brain / Lebatol. Stay tuned, more news coming soon! We also planned some “split gigs” in the North-East Italy for the album release, and we will do some shows in UK (and maybe France?) soon.
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Written by Jonathan

March 11, 2009 at 12:26 pm

The Boy Least Likely To @ Rough Trade East 10th March

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Ahh, Tuesdays, tuesdays. What are you really good for. My Monday rage has been quelled and the excitement of those later week cool nights out has yet to stir. No I should be at home listening to that pile of promos or just simply cooking a decent meal that takes longer than 5 minutes to prepare.

Of course such fanciful thoughts remain the stuff of pure whimsy. So instead I find myself skirting through Brick Lane on a brisk March evening, taking care for ides, and seeking out some succulent salt beef bagels. Which on purely addictive grounds are beginning to rival that of Frijj milkshakes. Of course before you get some deluded picturesque notions of the scene you should be aware that this all took place to the back drop of not being able to walk more than 3 paces without having to deal with the cold from hell. Do not work in offices with wildly fluctuating room temperatures in cold season people, it’s officide.

To the matter at hand though, and no trip down Brick Lane can really be devoid of a glance into that bastion of the Truman Brewery district, Rough Trade East. The legendary record shop really is everything you wanted growing up as a record deprived youth. They also have some pretty cool instores. Tonight, as it transpired, jaunty pleasurefolk ensemble The Boy Least Likely To Read the rest of this entry »