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Favours For Sailors – Furious Sons (Saddle Creek)

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Favours For Sailors
Furious Sons
Saddle Creek

Love at first listen is something of the emperors new clothes of the music industry. What hits you initially with a sugar high, pupil dilating delirium sounds staid and forced after only a handful of rotations. However, roaring well into double figure plays and I’m still writing up my ‘Records of 2009’ charts with ‘Favours For Sailors’ debut mini album ‘Furious Sons’ teaching Steven Gerrard and co just how to fight for a title.

The London foursome have taken the essence of alt americana and infused in with quintessentially english lyricism. Fusing the choicest cuts of Pavement circa 1992, Desparecidos and Of Mexico to the passion eccentricity of bands like Talking Heads and Foals they immerse you in a world of off kilter wizardry. Their tales of last orders defeatism juxtaposed with a series of irrepressibly hook driven songs. The ambition on display is oppressive, but never to the detriment of the impression that this is an album crafted by 4 weary souls who have happened upon a fully stocked practise room whilst looking for somewhere to squat for the night. It’s shambollic brilliance of the kind that has fuelled college radio for a decade, and if you hanker for Pavement reformations or can’t get enough Oberst output you have just found your new favourite band.


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