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The Boy Least Likely To @ Rough Trade East 10th March

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Ahh, Tuesdays, tuesdays. What are you really good for. My Monday rage has been quelled and the excitement of those later week cool nights out has yet to stir. No I should be at home listening to that pile of promos or just simply cooking a decent meal that takes longer than 5 minutes to prepare.

Of course such fanciful thoughts remain the stuff of pure whimsy. So instead I find myself skirting through Brick Lane on a brisk March evening, taking care for ides, and seeking out some succulent salt beef bagels. Which on purely addictive grounds are beginning to rival that of Frijj milkshakes. Of course before you get some deluded picturesque notions of the scene you should be aware that this all took place to the back drop of not being able to walk more than 3 paces without having to deal with the cold from hell. Do not work in offices with wildly fluctuating room temperatures in cold season people, it’s officide.

To the matter at hand though, and no trip down Brick Lane can really be devoid of a glance into that bastion of the Truman Brewery district, Rough Trade East. The legendary record shop really is everything you wanted growing up as a record deprived youth. They also have some pretty cool instores. Tonight, as it transpired, jaunty pleasurefolk ensemble The Boy Least Likely To are setting up stage at the back of the shop to treat the assembled to some choice cuts from their new album, ‘Law Of The Playground’. I first encountered the joyous sounds of ‘The Boy…’ at the End Of The Road inaugural festival in the dim and distant 2005, an occasion of mesmeric wonder, to which they added no small part. The brilliance of their music is to take the minutae of life, hobbies and feelings and bring it front and centre with rapier wit and forensic insight. Those of you who have heard debut album ‘Please Be Gentle With Me’, will be well aware of the clappy exuberance that populated their first record, and juding on tonights effort there are no signs of that letting up.

We’re treated to several numbers off ‘Law Of The Playground’ tonight, as well as some old hits and even one cut off the bonus 7 song disc available with the album in Rough Trade Stores… the enticingly entitled, ‘Best B-sides Ever’. The new songs seem to just be a progression from the bands earlier work, ‘I Box Up All The Butterflies’ and ‘A FairyTale Ending’ and perfect examples of the giddy folkpop fans have come to expect, the later with a particularly sweet melody.

Highlight of the evening is still the rendition of ‘Be Gentle With Me’, but on the evidence tonight you wonder how long for, which can only be a good thing for the band the fans and the world at large!

The band skip around the country like so…

monday 16th march–leeds, the cockpit
tuesday 17th march–manchester, night and day café
wednesday 18th march–glasgow, king tuts
thursday 19th march–newcastle, the cluny
friday 20th march–nottingham, the bodega social club
monday 23rd march–brighton, audio
tuesday 24th march–bristol, Louisiana
wednesday 25th march–southampton, the joiners

before hitting the big smoke again on the 26th march for a date at Cargo.

thursday 26th march–london, cargo

Get your clapping hand on and see you down the front



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