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Here’s a copy of the latest newsletter from one of my favourite bands on the planet… Planet Brain. Whom I thought I should share with you. Review of their new EP up soon.
You can read a previous Planet Brain interview here:
Enjoy, discover, love.

Hi all! Thanks to everyone of you for joining us on Facebook! You (we) are already 300! This is a short newsletter, to give you some links:

– “Function Records” will release next month a SPLIT ALBUM with Planet Brain / Lebatol. Stay tuned, more news coming soon! We also planned some “split gigs” in the North-East Italy for the album release, and we will do some shows in UK (and maybe France?) soon.

– In the meanwhile, you can listen to a PREVIEW of the new tracks on our MYSPACE (why the Fb player doesn’t work anymore with the upload?). Just follow this link, if you fancy:

– In the last months we also made a tiny MINI-EP entitled “No One Cares About Your Blog”. It’s hand-numbered, hand-distributed at gigs, friends or mailorder (send a message if you fancy one!); artwork is handmade and designed by Mauro Suspectra! Also, it’s been also featured on a “Top 5 albums of 2008” chart on the webzine “” (thanks to Ilaria “Press Sheep” Beorchia)!
Here you can find info and lyrics:

And here you can listen to the whole cd streaming and download one track for free:

Ciao for now and speak soon

The Brainians

The third track “All That Remains Are Skeletons” is already playing on our myspace.On Last.fmyou can listen to the full cd and download “Skeletons” for free. Here is the link: …blogep-frontcoverpic


Written by Jonathan

March 11, 2009 at 12:26 pm

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