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Rock A Rolla: Issue 20

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New issue of Rock A Rolla, for whom I am lucky to scribe, is in the shops now, you should check it out for the following reasons!
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Hitchcock: Matt Droog interview

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Those of you who attended Gatecrasher in 2008 may recall the strange sight of a menacing Clockwork Orange inspired ringleader galavanting about the stage in a maroon suit acting like a disgruntled mime who had spent the day shooting speedballs whilst being poked with a stick. Spitting avant garde riffs over ludicrously pulverising beats Hitchcock took the festival by storm despite many in the crowd having no clue who they were watching.
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Written by Jonathan

May 19, 2009 at 8:36 pm

Idlewild: Roddy Womble interview.

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It’s 14 years since Idlewild first raged into earshot in a maelstrom of feedback and lost shoes that caused the NME to observe their early shows were, ‘like the sound of a flight of stairs falling down a flight of stairs.’ Yet what began as a violent, swirling study in angular art punk on the Captain EP has developed into a body of work that has been likened to the folk tinged latter day rock of REM or Pearl Jam, and set up Idlewild as one of the most important bands of the last 20 years. The music they create has grown up with them, from the sheer heart attack of ‘Everyone Says You’re So Fragile’, to the alt-folk of ‘El Capitan’, bringing with them a generation of music fans from puberty to adulthood, without ever sounding as if they have undergone a crass ‘reinvention’. In their second album, 2000’s ‘100 Broken Windows’, they achieved that rarest of feats by recording a contender for the ‘flawless albums’ category, creating one of the most rewarding indie-rock albums in existence.
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