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Rock A Rolla: Issue 20

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New issue of Rock A Rolla, for whom I am lucky to scribe, is in the shops now, you should check it out for the following reasons!

1) I write for it!

2) It features the following…

Sunn O))) – Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson discuss their latest set Monoliths & Dimensions in our massive cover story!

Sonic Youth – Avant-rock godfathers return with a brand new album, The Eternal!

The Jesus Lizard – Chicago noise rock legends in unlikely comeback shock # 1!

Ipecac Recordings – Massive Label Focus special as Ipecac celebrates a decade in the business!

Les Claypool – Primus man talks Fungi and Foe!

Head Of David – Industrial metal legends in unlikely comeback shock # 2!

The Paper Chase – Frontman and post-rock producer of choice John Congleton answers our questions!

Tartufi – San Francisco oddities talk weirdo pop!

Altar Of Plagues – Profound Lore outfit talk nature-orientated avant black metal!

Thorr’s Hammer – Self-described ‘grungey doom’ legends in unlikely comeback shock # 3!

Plus tons of CD, DIY and vinyl reviews!

Plus live reviews: Zu, Earth, Glasgow Implodes, Instal, Mono, Nadja, Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Trail Of Dead, Sonic Youth and much, much more!!!

To Buy Issue 20 now click here.

To Subscribe click here.


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