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Mothlite @ Twisted Licks Preview

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This saturday sees an extra special version of the Macbeth’s hottest monthly event, the superlative Twisted Licks. This months installment features an appearance from rising avant jazzsters Chik Budo as well as a rare outing from multi instrumentalist and one man renaissance Daniel O’Sullivan’s Mothlite project.

O’Sullivan is a London based composer and multi instrumentalist who will be known to may through his prolific CV which includes work with the likes of Æthenor, Guapo, SUNN O))), Ulver, Miasma & The Carousel Of Headless Horses, The Big Pink and Grumbling Fur.

His collaborations with the likes of the dark iconoclast and Southern overlord Stephen O’Malley have helped him garner an impressive reputation. But this is no case of who you know not what you can do. O’Sullivan has produced a long series of spellbinding work, with a frightening output level. None more impressive than last years Mothlite album ‘Flax Of Reverie’. Released on Southern Records it is a squalling, pulverising journey that uses cinematic techniques culled from Stan Brakhage who shocked cinema goers by creating unexpected results by attaching physical debris to the celluloid, and melds them to a world inspired by Lewis Carroll and Tim Burton.
The heart and soul of Mothlite is O’Sullivan’s collaboration with Antti Uusimaki, a Finnish producer and engineer, who’s CV strangely features the Klaxons.

O’Sullivan is a master of the unnerving, the 6 parts that make up Flax… each taking the listener on a unique journey that promises to turn a part of north London into an entirely new world for the best part of Saturday night.

Alongside Mothlite are Chik Budo who recently levelled the Insomniacs Ball with their brand of avant jazz, and also turned in a set supporting punk legends ACR. Never failing to bamboozle and seduce this is a band who can follow Mothlite into the rabbit hole and come out stronger the other side. Completing the line up is Nottingham’s SWIMMInG, a band that have been accused of the dark alchemy of melding the Pixies energy to the Boards Of Canada’s quirksome ways.

This month will prove a very special edition of Twisted Licks.

See here for details.


Written by Jonathan

June 18, 2009 at 1:35 pm

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