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Skin Benshaw Interview: Dead Or Alive Preview

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Monday nights are usually best spent in quite reflection on the events of the weekend, a sort of weekly moment of clarity before beginning the whole cycle again. However, Dead or Alive are now giving you a reason to skip the weekly lull and extend your weekend to a four day extravaganza. The rambunctious promoters have taken over The Old Queens Head in Islington to bring you a night of intoxicating acoustic revelry.

One name slinking his way onto the bill is the supremely talented singer songwriter Skin Benshaw. What began in bands like Oursleepwalkinghero Skin has continued and developed into a burgeoning solo act that after several free demos and gigs across London will see him begin recording his new EP in the high summer. Those of you who get a kick out of Conor Obesrt, Leonard Cohen or Frank turner would be highly advised to head down to the Old Queens Head and catch this rising artist in the most intimate of settings.

In advance of Dead Or Alive we tracked down Skin Benshaw for a few appetite wetting words.

Hello Skin Benshaw, I hear you have a new EP in the pipeline. What’s the news?

The plan is go into the studio this weekend and get the basics down, then take them away and think about what might be added. The go back in and add it. Recording and producing it, and probably playing the odd note too, will be my old friend Al Riley, who’s just back from producing Tricky’s new album in Paris.

Who or what is inspiring you these days?

At the moment I’m listening to the new Grizzly Bear and Phoenix albums pretty much constantly. Sometimes at the same time in different rooms. I’ve been playing a lot of Bonnie Prince Billy lately too. Oh and Joanna Newsom’s Ys, which I came to late and now can’t shake off.

You’ve done a few interesting covers in your time any current favorites you’re considering or even planning to air at the old Queen’s?

There’s considerable pressure to roll out the cover of Jojo’s Get Out (Leave), but I think the moment may have passed.

It’s festival season. Beer festival memory it’s legal for you to share with us?

At a beer festival in Somerset a few years ago we dragged a log out of the woods for the campfire. It turned out to be an old railway sleeper soaked in petrol. My tent never smelled quite the same.

Finally we’re giving you a pound for the jukebox what 3 tracks are you going to play?

Sultans of Swing / Money for Nothing / On Every Street. Can’t go wrong with the Straits.

Skin Benshaw plays Dead Or Alive on Monday 29th June.
Entry is £4 or £3 with a flyer.

Details here.


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