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Crippled Black Phoenix – Justin Greaves Interview

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Bristol Feb 2009

Crippled Black Phoenix founder Justin Greaves shakes his head and takes 2 hand marked discs from his bag. He leans in and slides them across the table. ‘These were for one of the band at practise…but I think you really need to here this.’

The 2 discs in question are both the new albums from Crippled Black Phoenix, ‘The Resurrectionists’, and ‘Night Raider’. It has been a difficult, frustrating process to wrench the 19 songs that span the record from the peripatetic being that Crippled Black Phoenix has become. It’s a process that has driven Greaves to the edges of his patience and the limits of his sanity. ‘I’m not quite Axl Rose yet, though I believe I am… I’m a communist, christian version of Axl Rose singing onward christian soldiers in my head every night before I go onstage!’ He notes before cracking a broad grin and breaking into a full bodied laugh.
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