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Hove Festival – Day Two

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Hove Backstage by boat

Hove Backstage by boat

Day two at Hove Festivalen and we kick off the morning with a little exploration of the festival Island and surrounding coast by jumping aboard a gorgeous motor boat and pootering along the coast. Our captain is more than happy to extol the virtues of the surrounding countryside, which is by now revealing itself to be so breathtaking it will undoubtedly be slapped with a government health warning sooner or later. Revelation of the trip though is perhaps that last year the captain played host to those lovely Kooks boys who were such models of British politeness that they left a lasting impression. Good to hear!

Musically the second day of the Hove Festival in Norway opened with exemplary exponents of the new Bergen Wave, The New Wine, who those of you in the know may have seen rammed into the top floor of the Lock Tavern last december or possibly whipping up a frenzy at Komedia stepping into Golden Silvers shoes at The Great Escape. Tonight in their home country they seem like a band where everything has been taken to the next level, commanding the stage with a mature confidence that belies their youth.
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Joe & Will Ask?

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This article originally appeared in Who’s Jack magazine.
You wouldn’t know it to look at them, easing back into a Camden sofa and sipping Guinness with more fresh faced joie de vivre than gatecrashers at a Larry Clark wrap party, but 16 hours ago Will Green and Joe Ashworth, of ascendant London producers Joe and Will ask?, were in the process of reshaping the foundations of The End as they introduced their own brand of bass to the Durrr party. The pair are currently churning out new tunes and remixes at an alarming rate including gems like their Ellen Allien mix and the glorious, unofficial Human League remix currently adorning their MySpace. Durrr was their first trip back into the live arena since their latest EP ‘Monster’ sent speaker diaphragms into meltdown in July prompting a wave of adoration and playlisting from admirers new and old.  “The feedbacks been great, I mean from the promo there’s people we never even expected to hear our stuff let alone like it,” beams Joe, “we’ve been producing a lot so we wanted to take some time off to give it a break between the producing and gigging so when we came back we’ve got a lot of stuff we’re excited to play,” and they have good reason to be very should you!

Joe and Will ask? are so hot right now Derek Zoolander is almost certainly locked in hibernation working on a new look, they have a live diary that will see them DJing and performing live across Europe throughout the winter and continuing to hit Londons’ hottest club nights. It’s a long way from where the duo formed, in true traditionalist style, after a drunken debate in 2005 when Bournemouth Drum and Bass devotee and producer Joe tackled the convictions of fashion student and House enthusiast Will. It took them a while to actually complete the transition to producing their own first track only really linking up as a musical entity in 2006. They escaped the chrysalis flying however and have been on a constant rotational treadmill of producing, gigging and remixing ever since and are finally generating a reputation commensurate to their prodigious talents.

‘Monster’ crashed riding a wave of hype from amongst other sources the catwalk shredding accompaniment to uber label Balenciagas’ autumn/winter collection, enforcing the relationship between fashion and sonic design. It’s a perfect slice of Joe and Will ask? cresting on dark, dirgy bass foundations that grab you from that building intro, sounding like Lewis Hamilton jump starting an Amiga 500, and the second the swirling hypno-synth hits you’re a slave on the dance floor. Together with ‘Surge’ and earlier titles ‘Single’ and ‘Bayham’ ‘Monster’ has been forming part of Joe and Will ask?s recent forays into live arena. “Basically it’s just half an hour of all our music and it’s loud and it’s just…everything, the opposite of DJing because when we DJ we like to play for a long time, but I think it’s good because for half an hour because you have peoples attention with two guys, some laptops and keyboards…longerand you need to bring more instruments in.” More instruments are indeed in the offing but for now the Joe and Will ask? live experience is a raucous snapshot of dance floor perfection. Of course the hybrid nature of DJs suddenly embracing the live side is not without its pitfalls. “Ah, sometimes people don’t really know what’s going on, we have had people come up during the live set and asked if we could play Pendulum. But at least they’re listening enough to know it’s not!” notes Joe with a wide grin.

With the release of ‘Monster’ they have plunged into the murky waters of video production with their brilliant clip for the ironically titled ‘Warm it up”. “We were just freezing cold in Clapton and we just had to stand there,” gestures Will getting quite animated before Joe dives in… “because it was obviously stop motion so the concept was we had to move really slowly so the masks are moving as well as the background.. it sounds so much fun but it’s easier said than done at 6am, we nearly killed ourselves because it was easier than finishing the shoot.” “We didn’t talk to Claire and Zaiba (Directors) for about two weeks after that just to get over the experience… but the end result was awesome.”  “Actually we’re doing another one this sunday for the new Ep” winks Joe. Pressed for a timetable on the new EP they reveal a more stealth like approach. “ I think we’re going to sneak this one out rather than hype it like ‘Monster’, maybe a free download, I mean why not. It’s going to be called HellHawk as it’s just such a noisy song we wanted something really dramatic and cheesy, so I think that will be out maybe in a month.”

When Joe and Will ask make sure you answer.

Written by Jonathan

September 3, 2008 at 4:58 pm