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Stag & Dagger: Round Up

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My lord, festival season is coming thick and fast already this year, and with Camden Crawl, Great Escape, turning Point and various other flashes of pre summer brilliance setting the standard high it is with a sense of delirious expectation that a night roaming Shoreditch courtesy of Stag & Dagger ganders into view. Fortunately those sensational chaps in their booking machines at Vice, and Adventures In the Beetroot Field know their music and have assembled a staggering line up that is bound to cause numerous heart attacks and spontaneous indie boy combustions as people try and master the simply impossible task of seeing every hot band on offer over the course of one manic evening.
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Sparrow & The Workshop @ The Fly

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Deep in the bowels of The Fly there is something special taking place. Ridiculously early on a Friday evening three figures are on stage, laughing and joking, tinkering before launching into a swirling song that builds and swoops, seeping out from the stage into the crowd, unfurling along the cracks of The Fly’s low basement ceiling. The crowd start to nod in appreciation as the music takes hold, and then Jill O’Sullivan starts to sing.

Sparrow and the workshop

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Dananananaykroyd – Black Wax single 18/04/09

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So the world and his wife is in SXSW, including my new housemate so naturally I am seething with Austin based jealousy. No matter, there’s actually some pretty decent stuff coming up in good ole blighty to look forward too in the upcoming months. Not least of which is a full tour and album by Glaswegian sensations Dananananaykroyd.

Despite the fact the chancers are also at SXSW indulging no doubt in BBQ overdosing and late nights they are sneakily releasing their new single ‘Black Wax’ over here and it’s a veritable corker…

You can read what I thought about it in Spoonfed’s weekly singles round up here.


Written by Jonathan

March 18, 2009 at 4:57 pm

The Fratellis – Jon

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‘We really haven’t achieved anything yet, we’re just getting started, so it’s flattering to be compared to bands that have really meant something, but we haven’t earned it yet.’ So muses John Lawler (Jon Fratelli) of Glaswegian tunesmiths The Fratellis when asked if he feels part of a new wave of Scottish bands that have come to the fore over the last 2 years including Biffy Clyro, Glasvegas, The View and more. He is reflecting as the band pause before launching into a December headlining tour that will see the band sign off 2008 to a packed SECC crowd in Glasgow a few days before Christmas, and though his initial statement may seem dismissive of a Brit award winning band who this year released their second album and who’s doo doo de doo refrain from breakthrough single ‘Chelsea Dagger’ still reverberates along terraces the length and breadth of the nation, it is not that surprising of a man who takes most of his notes on how to be a band from that small beat combo from Liverpool, The Beatles.

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