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Stag & Dagger: Round Up

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My lord, festival season is coming thick and fast already this year, and with Camden Crawl, Great Escape, turning Point and various other flashes of pre summer brilliance setting the standard high it is with a sense of delirious expectation that a night roaming Shoreditch courtesy of Stag & Dagger ganders into view. Fortunately those sensational chaps in their booking machines at Vice, and Adventures In the Beetroot Field know their music and have assembled a staggering line up that is bound to cause numerous heart attacks and spontaneous indie boy combustions as people try and master the simply impossible task of seeing every hot band on offer over the course of one manic evening.
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Throwback : Cluster & Chromehoof

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Entering Rich Mix to see German electro-psychsters Cluster is an adventure in itself. The event is held on the fourth floor so we are ushered into lifts and emerge into a darkened, throbbing room that ebbs and flows with pulsing electro and scattershot blastbeats. This is Throwback and tonight we are in for a treat. The unique series of gigs is designed to show the original grandmasters live and then their sonic offspring by bringing together those from the cutting edge of a scene and those charged with starting it. Which is how we end up hidden on the fourth floor of Rich Mix looking forward to a rare live set from seminal German minimalists Cluster and the arch avant London orchestra Chrome Hoof.  Let’s get it on.
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Written by Jonathan

April 5, 2009 at 7:44 pm