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Planet Brain updates

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Here’s a copy of the latest newsletter from one of my favourite bands on the planet… Planet Brain. Whom I thought I should share with you. Review of their new EP up soon.
You can read a previous Planet Brain interview here:
Enjoy, discover, love.

Hi all! Thanks to everyone of you for joining us on Facebook! You (we) are already 300! This is a short newsletter, to give you some links:

– “Function Records” will release next month a SPLIT ALBUM with Planet Brain / Lebatol. Stay tuned, more news coming soon! We also planned some “split gigs” in the North-East Italy for the album release, and we will do some shows in UK (and maybe France?) soon.
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Written by Jonathan

March 11, 2009 at 12:26 pm

Jersey Live- Day One

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So we come to the opening day of the Jersey Live festival and it’s a scorcher, and no I’m not just talking about Foals fretwork. It’s hotter than the surface of Mercury today and it’s just going to get hotter. Those skinny jeaned patrons will find it even tougher than usual to peel themselves out at the end of the day. Are skinny jeans the worlds greatest natural contraceptive?

Events so far have involved seeing various Zutons members enjoying the delights of various St Heliers bars and catching a few eyes. Big news of the day is that Crystal Castles have pulled out of their main Stage slot for tomorrow night.  Who will replace them is yet to be said… but perhaps we could have a 45minute bass solo from weekend compare Mani!!

All that’s left to be said for now is thank you to event organiser Warren Le Sueur for giving me a lift down this morning. Top man.

Now I hear Black Stats storming the stage so it’s off to collect more tales of the day….

…So Black Stats were cool, and the Brighton based Jersey ex-pats The Valentines have been on.

Only contencious issue of the day is the number of fucking wasps. Have they instigated some crazy breeding program during the long dark summer because there are thousands of the fuckers. Wasp repellant ideas please!!

Written by Jonathan

August 30, 2008 at 12:34 pm

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TV On The Radio

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This review originally appeared on

La Route Du Rock, St Malo, France

Man that was exciting, I feared for my life – flashed right in front of my eyes,” pants Tunde Adebimpe, recalling his purpose post stage invasion. “Gotta meet more people, gotta see more places.” And with that he ignites afresh across the still St Malo night, Adebimpe a kinetic, shapeshifting shaman dropping molten verse atop TV On The Radio’s pre-apocalyptic affirmation broadcasts.

Eons earlier they shivered onto stage, muffled and reticent as shadows, weary yet raging from pursuing instruments across French airports. With Return To Cookie Mountain inviting frenzied acclaim from all quarters they conj our question upon question when sparking into action. How many have you flocked to see, how many proclamations have rung hollow around the deluded grandeur of each band shrouded in the last vestiges of the Emporers’ new clothes? Yet through the beatbox overtures and headstock chimes, over liberation and despair, as David Sitek scores razors along hearts and fretboard fault lines it is clear that for all false dawns recompense has arrived.

Written by Jonathan

June 29, 2008 at 2:55 am

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