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Hove Festivalen – Day 1

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Hove's second stage

Hove's second stage

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The 3rd annual Hove Festivalen opened to glorious sunshine on the south Norwegian coast yesterday as 12,000 revelers made the journey to attend the festival that the likes of Jay Z, Franz Ferdinand and the Ting Tings have declared “the best festival on earth”.

Franz Ferdinand headlined the main stage yesterday and treated the crowd to a raucous set that ran the full gamut of their hit laden back catalogue as well choice cuts from their third album ‘Tonight’. In supremely relaxed mood the Scotsmen got particularly rapturous reactions for ‘Take Me Out‘ and ‘Ulysses’ . The band had spent the afternoon cruising the coastline and then grilling their fresh catch on the backstage BBQ, so it was no wonder that the band were in benevolent form when they hit the stage in the quasi twilight of Norwegian high summer.
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Festival Preview: Hove Festival

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Hove3Hove Festivalen 2009
22-25 June 2009
Hove, Norway
Headliners: The Killers, Slipknot, Faith No More, Franz Ferdinand

There can be little doubt that Norway is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. Sharing the kind of breathtaking geography of other global extremities such as New Zealand, it’s glacial fjords and 24/7 summers lend it an otherworldly vibe.

Into this already stunning setting the Hove Festival thrusts the very best of world musical talent onto an intoxicating Norweigan coastline for 4 days of music, nature, beaches and camping every June. Like many european festivals it boasts an incredible line up of bands that it’s increasingly hard and costly to see in the UK, with this years line up offering the perfect excuse to take the week off work and get yourselves up to the good north.
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