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Hove Festival – Day Two

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Hove Backstage by boat

Hove Backstage by boat

Day two at Hove Festivalen and we kick off the morning with a little exploration of the festival Island and surrounding coast by jumping aboard a gorgeous motor boat and pootering along the coast. Our captain is more than happy to extol the virtues of the surrounding countryside, which is by now revealing itself to be so breathtaking it will undoubtedly be slapped with a government health warning sooner or later. Revelation of the trip though is perhaps that last year the captain played host to those lovely Kooks boys who were such models of British politeness that they left a lasting impression. Good to hear!

Musically the second day of the Hove Festival in Norway opened with exemplary exponents of the new Bergen Wave, The New Wine, who those of you in the know may have seen rammed into the top floor of the Lock Tavern last december or possibly whipping up a frenzy at Komedia stepping into Golden Silvers shoes at The Great Escape. Tonight in their home country they seem like a band where everything has been taken to the next level, commanding the stage with a mature confidence that belies their youth.
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Dananananaykroyd – Black Wax single 18/04/09

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So the world and his wife is in SXSW, including my new housemate so naturally I am seething with Austin based jealousy. No matter, there’s actually some pretty decent stuff coming up in good ole blighty to look forward too in the upcoming months. Not least of which is a full tour and album by Glaswegian sensations Dananananaykroyd.

Despite the fact the chancers are also at SXSW indulging no doubt in BBQ overdosing and late nights they are sneakily releasing their new single ‘Black Wax’ over here and it’s a veritable corker…

You can read what I thought about it in Spoonfed’s weekly singles round up here.


Written by Jonathan

March 18, 2009 at 4:57 pm